Here is what I'm working on right now.


switching from van life to boat life

I haven't always been foot loose and fancy free. In fact, it's only been about three years since I started taking large chunks of time off work to go exploring. My most recent adventure was becoming a van lifer. I spent 10 weeks in a van that I built out with my faithful puppy sidekick, Tansy. The trip took me all over the United States visiting friends, National Parks, and family.

But as one adventure ends... another one begins! 

Yachtta be kidding! I just bought a 1980's yacht as my newest tiny home. Over the next few weeks I'll be moving to Chattanooga for a few years to start the second branch of Happy Hound. The reasoning behind buying a boat is simple; I can't afford a house, rent is expensive (and a waste), they won't let me live out of the van, but a boat is totally doable! I'll keep you posted on how the boat renovation goes, it's going to be a BIG learning curve!  



Meet Reggie, he's kind of a big deal.  If it wasn't for his epic meltdowns due to separation anxiety, I'd probably be an agriculture student somewhere... But life being the way it is, I was inspired to create an in-home pet sitting service for dogs with similar anxieties. Happy Hound has since grown into a small empire, and Reggie is happy as can be. He gets to come with me to work every single day and we are hardly ever apart. 



paying it forward

There are countless people who have given me a hand up and taken pity on me when I was clearly clueless. If I get the chance to return the favor, I do my best to make others feel valued and important too. Sometimes it's just a quick phone call to remind you that while life is hard right now you're doing a great job. Other times I do odd jobs or participate in fundraisers for my favorite non profit, Bayside Medical Missions.