I seem to live my life on a see-saw of extremes. Growing up, I had a more or less stable routine (although my five siblings kept life far from boring). But my entire "adult" life up to this point has been a gypsy dream.

My current record of places lived in one month is eleven different houses. Pet sitting leads to some serious variety when it comes to living arrangements! Constantly moving creates new experiences, introduces me to new people, and saves me a huge financial burden, BUT it isn’t perfect either. There are many comforts that I miss. Like having a closet instead of a backpack... Or recognizing my surroundings when I wake up... Oh! Or better yet, remembering the alarm code without scrambling through my phone notes so I can actually open the door to let the dogs out to potty! (Can I get an amen from any other pet sitters out there?!?) 

That said, I'm currently celebrating my third night in my brand new apartment! It's been an odd experience. I'm so relieved to have a place that's my own. In my entire life, I've either shared a room with my little sister, been hired to care for and live in someone else's home, or off on an adventure. I didn't expect to be this excited about buying things like toilet paper, and furniture polish, but it's been incredible so far. This is such a welcomed break from the constant uprooting.

Granted, this is only a temporary arrangement as I hope to be moving into my Airstream in a few months. Still, it's nice to have all of my clothes and things in one place where I know my sister can't misplace it all.(Seriously Anna, you have like twenty hair brushes, quit taking mine.)

The most random thing I'm grateful for is a shower I don't have to spend five minutes finagling just to turn on and get the water to a temperature that won't cause hypothermia or leave a first degree burn. That is one of the most annoying things to me about constantly moving. It seems like every other shower was designed not for convenience, but as a cruel riddle to test your worthiness to bathe! There seriously needs to be some worldwide agreement on shower controls.

My most memorable bathing experience was with some futuristic shower with over a dozen shower heads. I felt like I took a wrong turn into a car wash... A very high pressure, take-the-skin-off-your-bones car wash. 

Growing up is strange. I feel like I'm getting to do all the things I didn't even have the foresight to dream about as a kid, but am also seen as a responsible adult somehow (or crazy, depends on if you're a glass half full or empty kinda person). I've checked a few of the adult boxes or worked around them... 

    •    Job: Check, check, check. check. annnnd check

    •    House: Outside of the box check

    •    Bills: Avoided up until this point for the most part, but check

    •    Vacations: Very colorful CHECK.

Being an entrepreneur and someone who loves to travel has forced me to redefine my idea of comfort. I don't always know where I'm going to be living next week, or even how long my current living arrangements will last. I've had to learn to take an honest look at what I'm comfortable doing and when I need to take a break from the unknown and find a little stability. It's never a perfect balance. 

At times I am lazy and complacent, then I switch to the other extreme and windup overextending and stressing myself the heck out. I'm slowly gaining experience and trying to be more purposeful in striking a healthy balance. A lot of it is learning to just listen to your own needs, likes, and life situation. The levels of stability I need in my life are going to be a constantly changing and I'll just have to learn to adapt. 

It's strange how life twists and turns. A month ago I thought I was going to house sit all summer. Yet here we are in my new apartment. Plans change and you've got to be flexible. I'm looking forward to a few months of routine and stability before moving into my Airstream trailer and hitting the road!

Here's to Amazon Prime and late night shopping for dishes.


Reggie already feels right at home!