How to Deal with Fear

You know what's a scary idea? Jumping off a cliff.

Somehow a short parasailing trip with my brother to Gulf Shores, Alabama turned into a 6-hour drive to hang glide 3,000 feet in the air at Lookout Mountain. You see, Nic and I not only look identical but we think the same way, too. When we decide to do something we are never satisfied with doing it halfway! Knowing that about us, of course a parasailing trip turned into a plan to strap ourselves to an over-sized kite and put our lives in the hands of a complete stranger to pilot us back to safety.

(Sorry, Mom.)



I've done a few things that the general population would be too afraid to try. Traveling solo to Ecuador when I don't speak Spanish, starting a business at 15 with no clue as to what I was doing, and now, hang gliding.

Here's the thing though, being scared is normal, healthy even! How you respond to that trepidation separates the "fearless" people from the "safe" people. 

I'd like to redefine Safe and Fearless

Fearless: Those who feel fear, examine if it's truly serving their best interests, then decide how to react.

Safe: Those who feel fear and react in a self comforting way. 

Before we booked anything, we looked up the dangers of hang gliding and watched YouTube videos of crashes (that was Nic's bright idea). We learned we were more likely to die on the car ride getting there than we were to plummet to our deaths in a hang glider. 

With that knowledge, we decided the fear was against our best interests and set out for Georgia.

Now I promise you, I was questioning my sense of judgement when I got strapped into that hang glider. It was attached to the sketchiest little plane I had ever seen and preparing itself to tow us thousands of feet into the air. I had enough butterflies that I hardly needed a hang glider to go airborne!

But once that tow rope released us and we started gliding on our own, I couldn't believe the peace that came with gliding through the sky. Years later, my brother and I agree those 30 minutes spent gliding over Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia were the most awe inspiring moments ever experienced by either one of us. It was nothing short of magical.

The point of life is to weigh the risks and act accordingly. 

Creating this site has been something I've thought about for a while, but was too scared to do until now. It's scary to open your life up for all family, friends, and internet trolls to critique every detail.  So why go through all this trouble if I know this could all go horribly wrong? Well, I'm risking some minor public humiliation because it's more important to share the concept of living your life on purpose than by default.