I'm not an expert. 


In reality, I'm a dyslexic bookworm who gets nervous and tries to sound intelligent by using big words I can't pronounce, let alone spell. Whether I'm spilling coffee all over the place or tripping on (quite literally) nothing, I'm a constant embarrassment to myself. I have plenty of friends and family who point out all of my idiosyncrasies, but luckily those same people remind me of the handful of things I manage to do pretty well. 

Really, everything I do seems to be some kind of contradiction to itself. I don't have life figured out; it's too complicated and my attention span is too short to even scratch the surface. For now I'm just enjoying the ride and learning from the bumps, scratches, and "holy crap I almost died" moments that keep life interesting. My current goal is to just live on purpose. I try (and fail) to love the people around me, embrace the moments I'm living in, and take care of myself while remaining open to the world around me. 

So welcome to this crazy virtual journal. I'm not going to pretend to have my life figured out or try and tell you the best way to live yours, I'll just share what I've noticed and learned. Hopefully you'll find something interesting and encouraging that strikes a cord with you, inspiring you to stretch your own comfort zone and try something new too.